Medical Supplies

HCE South has designed our entire medical supply business so that it’s simple, cost effective, and efficient for you to obtain superior products, exceptional timeliness and customer service. We do it because we see you as more than a customer – our goal is to be your premier partner.


HCE South Medical Supply are proud providers of high-quality health and personal care items to businesses operating in the health care and adult day care, as well as retail customers. For full-time care facilities and resident facilities, we are a reliable resource incontinence supplies, and sanitary products to be used by patients, clients, and the staff that serves them. For part-time facilities centers for adults and children, we specialize in such supplies as disposable cups and feeding items, cleaning supplies, sanitary products, and more.


HCE South is an authorized distributor for Dynarex, First Quality, and Sysco Guest Supply. We have also partnered with multiple distribution channels to obtain any product your facility may need.





All Medical supplies purchased will be provided by local delivery in North and South Carolina, or can be shipped anywhere in the United States with a valid postal address.