An exciting new therapeutic option in wound care.

As noted from an expert panel review in a recent International Consensus publication on Acellular Matrices for the Treatment of Wounds, “The ideal acellular matrix is one that most closely approximates the structure and function of the native ECM [extracellular matrix] it is replacing.”1



DermaPure®: Native. Natural. Nurturing.™

DermaPure® is a new decellularized human dermis product from Tissue Regenix, The product concept replaces human dermis with human dermis, to most closely approximate the structure and function of the native tissue it is replacing. It is NOT derived from fetal foreskin fibroblasts, bovine collagen, urinary bladders or placentas. Rather than providing a sacrificial collagen, DermaPure® provides a receptive matrix that becomes integrated into the host tissue.


DermaPure® is produced using dCELL® Technology. The proprietary process maintains the essential structure of the native extracellular matrix, and preserves a high degree of the natural tissue’s biomechanical properties — meaning the DermaPure® product strongly addresses the standard put forth in the International Consensus recommendations noted above.



Complete healing…

60% of patients, with a history of minimal response to other appropriate modalities, whose wounds were covered with a single application of DermaPure™ exhibited complete healing. This key endpoint data is from the published results of an initial U.K. clinical study of DermaPure®.2 In addition, patients in the study (who had exhibited chronic wounds with a mean surface area of 13 cm² for an average of 4½ years) saw an average of 87% reduction in the size of all wounds.



DermaPure® is appropriate for use in many clinical settings.

Per the clinical study: “The procedure… can be performed on an outpatient basis in a treatment room with no requirement for (surgery) theatres, general anesthetic, or formal admission to the hospital. Consequently, the technique could be applied in community and hospital settings.”



DermaPure®requires no thawing, no rehydrating, no special storage.

DermaPure® is stored at ambient temperature and comes hydrated, with only a simple rinse required prior to use.



DermaPure® is readily available through authorized Distributor Representatives.

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